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Glads is about joy

No matter what the world demands, it is important to have time to be happy. The best years are here and now, so it is so important to add delicious joys to life.

And joy is easy :) When you do your favorite hobby. When best friends are around. And when you steam Glads, you can enjoy a bowl of the most delicious noodles in just 5 minutes!

Локшина швидкого приготування Гледс
Локшина з соусом - Гледс
The whole mood is created by the sauce

If our noodles didn't have "its", it would be ordinary noodles. But "it" is in every pack of Glads - a unique sauce that creates all that special extravaganza of taste!

Now you know the main secret of the unforgettable spiciness and aroma of Glads noodles.

Чому наш соус так смакує?

You can take it everywhere

Whether traveling or studying, while relaxing or doing important things — Glads is convenient to take and enjoy everywhere. We offer only top flavors that become favorites.

A round briquette fits perfectly into the shape of a bowl. And if you need even more convenience, choose the bowl format!

Гледс локшина з собою
Гледс роблять в Україні
Де роблять Glads?

Glads створюється в Україні, хоч ми й уміємо дивувати екзотичними смаками :)

біла церква,
київська область

Taste it. Get high. Rejoice with Glads!