Serve with
the right sauce
The sauces are
individually designed for Glads

The sauces included in the noodles are developed according to an individual recipe especially for Glads, in order to maximally reveal the taste of the finished dish. Sauces are made according to a special recipe from selected ingredients that are perfectly combined with each other and add unsurpassed taste chords to the dish.

Локшина швидкого приготування Гледс
Локшина швидкого приготування Гледс
Each noodle has its own sauce

Each noodle has its own special sauce, which perfectly balances the taste and makes the dish perfectly harmonious. Traditional or exotic, spicy or mild, Asian or Mexican – Glads sauces maximally complement the taste of the finished dish, opening new horizons of taste!

Modern production technologies

We use a special technology of continuous and accurate mixing to achieve an impeccable taste and the right consistency of sauces. Thanks to this, the ingredients are evenly mixed and perfectly combined with each other, simultaneously revealing all the taste qualities.

Гледс локшина з собою
Гледс роблять в Україні
Only quality ingredients

Glads sauces are made from high-quality certified raw materials only from verified suppliers. We carefully select only the best ingredients and carefully monitor every stage of production.

Metallized packaging

For maximum protection of the taste and saturation of the sauce, we use special packaging with a metallized base. This format reliably protects against external influences and guarantees the excellent quality and freshness of the sauce throughout its shelf life.

Гледс локшина з собою